MSI zaleca system Windows.

• AMD Z-Series APU Processors
Oryginalny Windows® 7 Home Premium
• 10" 1280x800 wide-view, multi-point touch screen with IPS
• Exclusive smart racker for smooth operation
• TPM smbedded security ship and MSI’s EasyFace biometric software to provide complete protection for peace of mind
• Exclusive Smart Media Link easily to connect with other devices for performing such actions as sharing information and transferring videos/documents.

• Exclusive O-Easy interface for easier management and use of frequently used functions and software.
SRS TruMedia offers enhanced acoustic experience




Oryginalny Windows® 7 Home Premium

User-friendly ID design

1. 10" 1280x800 wide-view, multi-point touch screen with IPS



2. Lock/unlock rotation function at will

A touch of one button stops screen rotating to make reading e-books, playing games, web browsing, or using office applications more enjoyable.




3. Exclusive smart tracker for smooth operation
Other tablet brands are hard on the hands and wrists as they require that the tablet be held in one hand, while the other operates the screen. This can cause strain and possibly injury over long periods of time.

The WindPad 110W features the exclusive Smart Tracker, which allows you to grip it with two hands as you operate the tablet via the Smart Tracker. Your hands and wrists don’t feel discomfort no matter how long you use it.



4. Convenient hotkey allocation

The WindPad 110W provides hotkey buttons for frequently used functions for easier operation. In addition, the user friendly SAS hotkey performs the traditional role of the “Ctrl+Alt+Del” combination to open the Windows Security Window. Now, one touch of the SAS hotkey lets you manage and change settings on the WindPad 110W with ease.

Two cameras for twice the productivity

a. The rear-facing camera captures images and video for editing and sharing

Real estate agents can photograph or videotape of homes/apartments for rent/sale which they can immediately post online for viewing by interested individuals.  
Nurses can take photos of patients to be saved in patient medical records or for follow-up treatment.

b. The front-facing camera lets you video conference anytime, anywhere


Complete protection for peace of mind

1. TPM (Trusted Platform Module) 

Files can be encrypted for twice the security. This means that you can require a password to open a file and then require that it can only be opened in coordination with the TPM chip. Even if a hacker obtains your file, therefore, they can’t actually get at the data without the TPM chip, effectively stopping data loss due to hackers and Trojan horses.

2. MSI's EasyFace biometric software 

Just show your face in front of your webcam and the WindPad 110W automatically logs into your system.

3. Security Strap Hole 

MSI's own Security Strap Hole design allows you to attach a personalized strap to your WindPad 110W to keep it close by and greatly reducing the risk of losing or dropping it.



Network seamlessly 

1. Wireless connectivity for communication anytime, anywhere


2. Smart Media Link 

The Windpad 110W connects easily with other devices to perform such actions as sharing information and transferring videos/documents.


Little apps for big work performance

1. O-Easy interface  
MSI's own O-Easy interface offers three application modes for easier management and use of frequently used functions and software.
  View of frequently used functions
Turn on or adjust frequently used functions (e.g., screen brightness, volume, webcam, wireless, mute, standby mode)   Todo list


2. MSI EasyViewer—Full 3D photo browser

Using MSI's Easy Viewer 3D photo browser to show or edit photos is a cinch. It offers 90-degree rotation, HDI image Enhancement, Intelligent White Balance, and image Sharpness Adjustment to make your work easier. 
3. GPS module compatibility

The GPS function can get you to where you’re going more quickly and more easily. 

SRS TruMedia offers enhanced acoustic experience





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