Support Memory

    128MB DDR3

On-board Function

   TV-out (S-Video connector)
   DVI Connector

Geforce 6600GT Chipset Features

NVIDIA® CineFX™ 3.0 engine
64-bit texture filtering support delivers full-speed, high dynamic-range (HDR) lighting effects
Unmatched image quality delivered through new 16x anisotropic filtering and rotated grid
4x shadow processing power with NVIDIA® UltraShadow™ II for next generation games
Infinite program length allows for a new class of special effects
Hardware-accelerated MPEG and WMV9 decode delivers smooth, artifact-free video
Dedicated video hardware reduces CPU utilization and improves overall system performance
On-chip video encoder and motion estimation engine provides fast, high-quality encoding
from TV tuner
Programmable video engine ensures compatibility with future video codecs
High-quality video scaling and filtering improves playback quality at any window size
PCI Express support accelerates video editing by speeding up data transfer rates
Integrated HDTV-output brings content from your desktop to your high-definition TV
NVIDIA® ForceWare™ software delivers unmatched features and rock-solid stability
High dynamic-range (HDR) rendering
NVIDIA® UltraShadow™ II technology
NVIDIA® Intellisample™ 3.0 technology
NVIDIA® ForceWare™ Unified Driver Architecture (UDA)
NVIDIA® nView™ multi-display technology
NVIDIA® Digital Vibrance Control™ 3.0
On-chip video processor
64-bit floating point texture filtering and blending
Microsoft® DirectX™ 9.0 Shader Model 3.0 support
OpenGL® 1.5 support
NVIDIA® SLI™ multi-GPU ready
Superscalar GPU architecture
128-bit memory interface with advanced memory control
Innovative 0.11 micron process technology
Operating Systems Support Windows® XP / 2000
Power supply of 350 (and up) watt is highly recommended for system stability
Memory Interface: 128-bit
Fill Rate (billion texels/sec.): 4.0
Vertices/sec. (Million): 375
Pixels per clock (peak): 8
RAMDACs (MHz): 400

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• All Chipset specs are derived from Nvidia data sheet. For your reference only.

Bundle Supreme Valuable 3D Games

Prince of Persia 3D
(Worldwide without Japan)
Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
(Available in Japan only)

<14 in 1 Games Collection> Demo

1. Praetorians

8. Black Hawk Down


9. Joint Operations Typhoon Rising

3. Heaven & Hell

10. Comanche 4

4. Divine Divinity

11. American Conquest

5. Etherlords2

12. Commandos 3 Destination Berlin

6. IL-2 Sturmovik

13. Beach Life

7. Splinter Cell

14. Deus EX Invisible War

Browse all your multi-media resources in a single integrated platform
Make your PC a Multi-media Center of your home.
Simplifying your PC controls for the Elders and Kids: Only arrow and number
   keys needed to control MSI Media Center.
More amazing functions: Watch TV (Support MSI TV Tuner only), FM Radio
   (Support MSI TV Tuner only), Listen to Music, View Pictures, Play Video Clips,
   Play DVD, Game Zone, Applications Collection
 Notice: Only supported WinXP/2000 platform

Bundled Virtual Drive 7 Professional Version

Support "Virtual Drive" x 3, "Virtual Disk" x 5
User can duplicate licensed CD as a image into HDD, to get best Read/Write
   speed. (Users don’t need to keep licensed CD anymore)
User can use one Virtual Drive to play MP3, use another VirtualDrive to read
   CD data, and use another Virtual Drive to duplicate CD (ex. if the user has a
   physical CDRW installed).
Multi-language Support: English, French, Japanese, Netherlandish, Traditional
   Chinese, Simple Chinese.
Bundled Restore It 3 Professional Version
Support "Static Restore Point" x 1, "Incremental (Dynamic) Restore Point" x 15.
More than WinXP "System Restore", not only can restore system files & registers,
  but also can recognize & restore all files made by all variant utilities.
Furthermore, if your HDD been format or damaged by virus, it still can 100%
Multi-language Support: English, French, Japanese, Netherlandish, Traditional
   Chinese, Simple Chinese.

Bundled MSI 5.1 ChannelDVD Player

• Support up to Dolby 5.1 Channel audio complete entertainment.
• User-defined Playback Duration (ex. If you have a 1.5 hours title, and you hope
   to finish the title playing during 1 hour air-trip, it can accelerate the playback
   in a non-sensible way.)
• All feature on previous version are still remain.
• Multi-language Support (26 Languages)
Bundled Foreign Language Learning Machine
Easy click "Enter" key, repeat 8/4/2/1 second program automatically, to learn
   foreign language. After you well understand the sentence, you can click "Enter"
   key again to continue the  playback.

Bundled MSI Super Pack

 • Photoshop® Album SE
  Photoshop Album displays all your pictures in the photo well for easy but powerful organization. With the Instant Photo Organizer--the Calender and the Timeline, you will be able to experience of organizing photos at your fingertips. So, get your fingertips ready now.

 • 3D Album SE
  3D-Album Photo Organizer lets you view and organize photo images stored in your computer or network. You can drag and drop the image thumbnail pictures to change the order of the photo presentation. You can also insert your own personal text and voice narrations for each photo with the controls in the the 3D-Album Photo Organizer.

Bundled MSI 3D Desktop

Fantastic 3D Desktop Experience.
Embedded 2 Shooting Game onto MSI 3D desktop(Crime Alley & Target Practice)
Embedded 1 Hidden Room (to store your home pictures, video, web-link...etc.)
Screen Saver effect support !!
Changeable 360 degree surrounded Sky.
Changeable Theme & Music.
Put all desktop Shortcuts/Icons onto your 3D space.
Put all "My Favorite" 1st page onto your 3D space.
Easy transport inside the space by using quick teleport.
Automatically update the Advertisement-Posters, when user link to the internet.

Bundle MSI developed driver and utilities

 • MSI Live Update Series (Live VGA BIOS & Live VGA Driver)

  Automatically online download & update VGA BIOS & Drivers, reduce the risk of getting the wrong files, and never have the trouble on web site searching.
 • GoodMem
  Automatically release the system memory space, reduce the risk of system hang-up.
 • LockBox
  Instantly enter the data lock mode when you must leave your system for a while.
 • WMIinfo
  Automatically list the detail system configuration, it helpful for engineering service people.
 • ThinSoft BeTwin
 • MSI Secure DOC
 • E-Color
 • Adobe Acrobat Reader
 • Trend Micro PC-Cillin
 • Microsoft® DirectX 9.0

Product Accessories

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• The accessories will probably be different according to the different selling areas of product models. For details of accessories, please refer to the descriptions on the product package.



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